Organic Dried Persimmons

Chiechi Farms organically grows Fuyu Persimmons and produces high quality dried permissons in-house. Our Organic Dried Persimmons are perfect for baking, trail mixes, cereals, granola bars, and more!

A Family Run Farm in California Since 1988

Our organic practice is aimed at producing a high standard of quality fruit – fruit that looks good and tastes good. Using organic matter for a long, continuous period of time allows the soil, vine and fruit product to mature at a slow rate for its highest possible standard of quality. The fruit is harvested when it is ripe.

This is in direct contrast to kiwi and fuyu persimmons industry culturing and selling practices which are based on increased volume. Heavy fertilizations and frequent extensive watering is done in a short period of time to meet the necessary marketing requirements for size. The fruit is harvested early to coordinate with out-of-country sales; consequently, the selections for picking are based on fruit pressure rather than sugar content or ripened maturity.

We believe growing quality is taking pride in what you do!

Rancher History

In 1988, we converted our fields to produce organic fruit. Our products are certified organic by Farm Verified Organic. No pesticides have ever been used in any of our fields; they are free from chemical fertilizers, chemicals, and weed control sprays.

The area where our ranch is located is known as “the Kiwi Capitol of the United States.” We presently have 5 acres of organic kiwi fruit. The vineyards are 7 years old and presently produce an average of 50,000 pounds of sellable kiwi fruit per year.

We currently have 3 acres of organic fuyu persimmons. The orchard is 6 years old and produces an average of 40,000 pounds of sellable crop per year.

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Dried Persimmons
– Deep orange color
– Unique vanilla flavor
– Texture similar to fruit leather
– Maintains taste, softness and color up to 12 months

Culturing and Drying
– Organically grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers
– Inspected and certified to have been grown under FVO specifications
– Dried without chemicals, dying agents or color enhancers

Uses for Dried Persimmons
– Bake in cookies
– In trail mixes with nuts, raisins, etc
– Excellent in grain cereals
– Include in granola and honey bars

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